PhD program in Data Science

The availability of big data has revolutionized countless sectors of human activities and it has profoundly modified the research methodologies in many disciplines.  Data Science is an interdisciplinary field of study that has established in recent years to offer the methodological tools and the technologies needed for the valorisation of big data in industry, services and research.   


The main objective of the PhD in Data Science is the realization of interdisciplinary research projects involving the management of big data and the use advanced data analysis and machine learning methods in the following fields of application:


i) Digital platforms and services for the Internet industry

ii) Data-driven Economics and social analysis

iii) Digital medicine and health

iv) Urban spaces and environment


Data Science receives the important contribution from computer science, engineering, statistics, applied mathematics, as well as from the academic disciplines that help to understand the impact of big data in applications.  These disciplines are all represented in the board of faculties of the PhD program in Data Science.



Seminario di Charalampos Tsourakakis


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