Roles and responsibilities

The Advisor has the privilege and the duty to advice the student in the definition of the study plan, in the identification of the subject of the thesis and in helping the student working towards the achievement of the thesis objectives. It is the Advisor’s responsibility to meet periodically with the student  to track the progress of the student’s work and to supply the Board of Faculties with the required documents. The advisor is required to produce a report on the first draft of the thesis sent to external reviewers.

The Advisor is assisted by a Co-advisor that can be external to the board of faculties or a member of the board of faculties from a different discipline.  The role of the co-advisor is to follow the student’s work to suggest interdisciplinary approaches or to help bringing the competences needed for specific applications. The co-advisor will contribute, along with the advisor, to a broad interdisciplinary perspective and to the achievement of an adequate level of quality of the research activities carried out by the student. The co-advisor is also required to produce an additional independent report on the first draft of the thesis sent to external reviewers.

The Board of Faculties is the main body of the Doctorate and it has full responsibility for the management of the Doctorate.

The Admission Committee evaluates the candidates that apply for the PhD program in data Science;  The three members of the committee are selected by the Department, based on a shortlist of 6 names proposed by the Board of Faculties.

The Thesis Committee for each student at the admission to the second year is nominated by the Board of Faculties and is composed by:

- the advisor

- the co-advisor

Optionally a third member can be added to the Thesis Committee upon request (for example, an additional member can be a representative of an external organization funding the PhD student).

Internal Examination Committees:

The Board of Lecturers appoints the following examination committee, which are requested to provide input for the decisions to be taken about the students:

- the committee for the admission to the second and third years (composed by 3 members of the Board of Faculties);

- the committee for the admission to the final evaluation (a different committee is appointed for each candidate.) Each committee is composed by 5 members of the Board of Faculties, which include the advisor, the co-advisor and the other member of the thesis committee.


The committee that awards the PhD title is nominated by the Rector and includes three members chosen from professors and researchers, including external personnel, who belong to the disciplines relevant to the doctorate, according to the university policies and rules. At least two members must belong to a University other than ‘La Sapienza’. The members of the committee are selected by the department, based on a proposal of 6 nominations decided by the Board of Faculties.