6. Italian PhD School of Data Science


The summer school is aimed to reflect the interdisciplinary flavour of the Italian Data Science PhD programs of Bologna, Pisa and Rome, offering lectures by high-level scholars from different domains, including data mining and big data analytics, machine learning and AI, network science and complex systems, digital ethics, computational social science and applied data science in general. As a preview of the scientific program, the following is a list of lecturers of the school:

Machine/deep learning: John Shawe-Taylor, UCL

Network science: Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, NEU Boston and Janos Kertesz, CEU Budapest

Applied data science: Mounia Lalmas-Roelleke, Spotify; Nello Cristianini, U Bristol and Kalina Bontcheva, U Sheffield

Ethics - Privacy - Social Impact: Jeroen Van Den Hoven, TU Delft and Fosca Giannotti/Dino Pedreschi, CNR and U Pisa

Algorithms and computational aspects: Aris Gionis, Aalto Helsinki and Stefano Leonardi, U Roma 1