Admission is based on an evaluation of the skills and aptitude of the candidate to carry out research in the scientific areas of the Ph.D. Program in Data Science.
The selection procedure is made up by two phases:
1) Evaluation of qualifications and research proposal
2) Interview.
The documents required for the first phase are:
  • Curriculum, including the academic carrier (exams, thesis, and grades), professional/work/research experience, and any other qualification (e.g., English language ones);  
  • Publications (optional);  
  • At most three letters of recommendations supporting the candidate (optional);  
  • Research proposal prepared by the candidate of at most 8000 characters including spaces containing: Summary (at most 1000 characters), State of the art, Research Objectives, Expected results.
  • Motivation letter (optional) 
The qualifications submitted can be self-certified. Qualifications, research proposal and interview are evaluated as described below:
1. Qualifications and Research Proposal (max 60 points)
The Admission Committee assigns to each candidate a maximum score of 60 points. Scores are assigned in accordance with the assessment criteria defined by the Board of the Ph.D. Program, and reported below:
- up to 30 points for the evaluation of the curriculum (including the academic career and any other qualifications), the letters of recommendations supporting the candidate and the publications presented by the candidate;
- up to 30 points for the research proposal submitted by the candidate. In particular, the commission evaluates the description of the state of the art, the originality and the innovative nature of the proposal, the clarity and completeness of the objectives, the methodologies and the potential results, the relevance of the proposal with respect to the themes and the objectives of the Ph.D. program.
Candidates obtaining a minimum score of 36/60 in the evaluation of qualifications and of the research proposal are invited for an interview. 
The list of the candidates who are admitted to the interview will be published on July 25th:
2. Interview (max 60 points)
The Admission Committee assigns a maximum of 60 points to each candidate admitted to the interview. A score of at least 36 is required for admission. The interview is in English, and is aimed to assessing the candidates' knowledge, skills, and aptitude to carry out research in the scientific areas of Computer Science and Engineering. The interview also includes a discussion of the research proposal prepared by the candidate and of personal motivations for applying for a Ph. D. position. The duration of the interview is at most 45 minutes (the presentation of the research proposal by the candidate must be no longer than 15 minutes). The minimum overall score for admission to the Ph.D. in Data Science is 72/120.
Results will be published by the end of July at: