Application Procedures

Call for the 35th cycle (2019/20)

The official announcement of the Ph.D. programs at Sapienza of the a.y. 2019/20 is available at and is reported below for convenience: 
- Bando - Allegato AAllegato (Italian version)
- Call - Annex AAnnex (English version)
PhD in Data Science code: 30101
Admission to Academic Year 2019/2020 - 35th Cycle
Candidates who wish to apply for a Ph.D. position are requested to:

Phase 1

  1. ENTER INFOSTUD with your Sapienza ID number (matricola) and your password:
    If you are not registered, follow the instructions at (English Flag);
    If you are already registered, enter INFOSTUD at (English Flag).
    If you are a graduate student, before filling out the application go to "profile" (top right of the screen) - university titles (from the menu on the left) - click on "add" - flag on "graduating" - return to home.


  3. On the left column click: STEP 1 – Fill the PhD Form

  4. Type the PhD course code of interest. The complete list of PhD course codes is available in Annex A:  and fill in the boxes required by the system until you are on the SUMMARY page. Then click on SUBMIT REQUEST.

  5. Click on PRINT PAYMENT SLIP. Do not forget to pay by July 18th, 2019. Payment procedures are available at

  6. On the left column, click on: STEP 2 – COMPLETE THE APPLICATION

Phase 2

    At the page login with same Sapienza ID number and password


  3. Read the procedure and click on “I declare I have read the procedure and I wish to proceed with the application 2nd step”. Attention! In some cases, you may be asked to send, in addition to the files uploaded in the application by the deadline of the call, further documents to a specific email address.

  4. Click on CONTINUE WITH THE APPLICATION and fill in the boxes until you are on the page of the Self-declaration statement.

  5. Click on "Generate the declaration", print the file, sign it, upload it again and click on CONTINUE WITH COMPLETING THE APPLICATION.

  6. Click on APPLY (it is possible to apply also if not all the compulsory files have been uploaded. You will be allowed to upload them later, within the call deadline). The system will send you a confirmation email to the email address entered in the registration form.

  7. You can find all your submitted applications in the main page. Beside the name of each PhD course, you will find 3 buttons and 3 flags:

    “application”: it displays a summary of the inserted information
    “upload”: it allows to access the uploading area, where you will be allowed to upload any lacking files within the call deadline
    “info”: it displays the specific competition procedure.

    “Files”: it shows the number of uploaded compulsory documents compared to the expected number. If the flag is green, the application is complete
    “Declaration”: if the Self-declaration statement is correctly uploaded, the flag is green
    “Payment”: if the slip payment related to the application has been correctly received by the system, the flag is green. Attention! The system could register the payment the day after the transfer.

    If the 3 flags are green, the application has been correctly submitted and the procedure will be COMPLETED




Please also upload all the required documents at by July 23rd 2019.

If you encounter any problem with the system, then please, send all the required documents for the evaluation at: putting in the subject "PhD Admission 2019"
The documents required for the evaluation of qualifications are:
  • Curriculum, including the academic career (exams, thesis, and grades), professional/work/research experience, and any other qualification (e.g., English language ones);  
  • Publications (optional);
  • At most three letters of recommendations supporting the candidate (optional);
  • Research proposal prepared by the candidate of at most 8000 characters including spaces containing: Summary (at most 1000 characters), State of the art, Research Objectives, Expected results. 
  • Motivation letter (optional)

    The evaluation of the documents will be published on July 25th 2019.

    The oral evaluation will take place on July 26th 2019.

    Evaluation results: by the end of July 2019.